Liquitrac® GPS Asset Tracking


Any Asset. Any Time. Anywhere.

Liquitrac is a global asset tracking service that provides the most accurate location information via satellite technology. Our hardware is robust, reliable and most importantly, built to last! We provide tracking solutions for a wide variety of asset types and offer a number  of cost effective options that make it easy to maintain the integrity of your fleet.

GPS Container Tracking Key Features:


    • Real time visibility of your assets in the field and offshore
    • Worldwide tracking capabilities with advanced satellite technology
    • APEX Zone 0 and IECEx Zone 0 Certified GPS asset tracking units are fully certified for global applications


  • Customizable geo-fence setup for advanced reporting tools
  • Intrinsically safe in hazardous and explosive environments
  • Extended battery life
  • Custom alert setup for assets in transportation
  • Classification 1, Division 1 Qualified
  • Multiple applications for tracking different assets
  • Integrated barcode scanning for quick access to asset information



  • Wide variety of reports available for asset tracking purposes
  • Easy to create and can be sent automatically to any and all users in the system
  • Ability to quickly export data out via Excel, Word, or PDF
  • Increased customization to ensure only the data needed is generated


  • Program alerts to warn you when assets are sitting stationary for extended periods of time
  • Choose to receive alerts via text, email or voice
  • Assign alerts to any and all users in the system

Manage By Types

  • Allows alerts for all assets of a specific type to be updated simultaneously
  • Increased automation saves time and greatly reduces chance of human-error
  • Any asset of that type currently setup or to be setup will have that alarm applied automatically eliminating the need to apply individually to each asset