Mechanical workshop – Welding

Our workshop has experienced personnel who specializes equipment after our customers need. We have a long experience in building specialized equipment for the offshore industries.

Certified welders

We have certified welders which performs different types of welding assignments, from rebuilding containers to production of smaller specialized equipment. Our welders can customize equipment to suit our customers need before the equipment is handed over to our mounting department.

Mounting department

Our mounting department put together everything from office equipment to pneumatic doors. We got a wide experience from different types of containers. Workshop, office, galley container and much more.

Example of equipment which can be mounted in our workshop:

– Pneumatic doors, personnel doors, emergency exits, windows
– Cranes, trolleys
– Workbench, vice, utility services
– All depending on our customers need in their container.

It all depends on what you want in your container.

Extension of container