Hoover’s Tuff Gut patented Food Grinder is used in a variety of settings including offshore platforms, marine vessels, hospitals, rigs, and cafeterias. This food grinder design is completely self-contained and can be driven by electricity, hydraulic pressure or air pressure. The grinder can be used alone, or it may be used as a plug-in component to the compactor. Models are available in 5 hp, 7.5 hp, 10 hp and 15 hp electric.

Key Features

Meets and exceeds International Marpol 73/78 Annex V

  • ABS Type approved
  • NEMA 4X water tight control panel
  • Auto reversing blades in all electric models
  • 4” drain line
  • 5 gallons per minute water consumption
  • Sink housing material is 304 stainless steel
  • 10” standard rotor on all models
  • Water solenoid – help the flow of waste and clean out after grinding
  • Designed to withstand outdoor elements but silent enough to run indoors
  • Electric 5 hp is available in explosion proof enclosure which exceeds Class I division II standards


  • TEFC external motor design
  • Drive motor is mounted on the side and out from under the grand chamber; eliminating motor burnouts due to water damage
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel construction
  • Side-mounted drive motor, away from the grind chamber
  • Standard TEFC bolt-on motor (220 or 440 VAC 3 phase)
  • Auto-reversing controls
  • Industrial motor overload located in control panel
  • Low water consumption
  • Safety offset inlet to prevent food blowout

Enviro-Pak® Food Grinders

Whether you call it a “food grinder“, a “galley grinder” or a “macerator”, Enviro-Pak® makes the best units available. For disposing of food wastes compliant with the 2013 Marpol Annex V requirements, our food disposals or galley grinders, are fully MARPOL compliant. And with 316 Stainless Steel options and heavy duty IP56 rated motors, our patented designs ensure safe, simple, and reliable operation. Our galley grinders are seal welded to resist rusting and ensure strength in harsh environments. They feature 100% stainless steel cutting chambers and bowls capable of processing all food waste.
Our food grinders have been used for many years onboard ships and marine vessels as well as offshore rigs and facilities. But their reputation as a solidly built reliable food grinder doesn’t stop there.  Our units can be found installed in the factories of several major commercial food industries.
Our food grinders have been tested in all sorts of environments and applications, can easily meet your needs, and are available for sale or rent as either stand alone units or as attachment to our world reknown compactors.