Hoover trash compactors maximize your recycling and waste reduction efforts by compacting solid waste materials into disposable bags. Hoover’s trash compactors are made of high-quality components, and have a variety of uses including offshore installations, barges, tankers, on-board ships, and various other offshore service vessels. With the capability for either air or electric operations and galvanized coating, it is suitable to the harshest of environments.

Compactors Types
Hoover Tech Oil Products is world reknown for its industry leading Enviro-Pak® line of compactors used in the world’s harshest environments and toughest jobs. Tech Oil Products has a wide variety of compactors designed for specific needs, from offshore compactors to hazardous waste compaction. In addition, our compactors can be configured to operate on supplied air pressure or electrical power, or even self-powered units with either diesel or gasoline engines.
Our compactors typically are designed with features that allow them to be multi-purposed so we find it is best to categorize them by design.  
Through years of experience Hoover Tech Oil Products has developed an understanding of industry needs and can help determine which factors you should consider when evaluating compactors.

ENVIRO-PAK® – A Cleaner Environment, Offshore & Onshore.

Simply put, the Hoover Tech Oil Products’ line of ENVIRO-PAK® compactors, balers, sub baskets, drum crushers, filter crushers, and grinders helps our customers to increase profits, efficiency and safety while achieving their operating goals. What better reasons could there be to use our products?
Customers across various industries who invest in ENVIRO-PAK® waste management solutions not only reap financial rewards–they also receive the added bonus of protecting their employees and the environment.
Some of the many benefits offered by ENVIRO-PAK® include:
  •  Safer Environment — Since 1980, there have been no loss time accidents with the operation of our equipment. This is a remarkable testament to Hoover Tech Oil’s dedication to designing products to the highest quality standards. Our commitment to the oil & gas and maritime industries has resulted in simple, safe and reliable equipment that is roughneck-proof and designed for easy operation.
  • Reduced Costs — ENVIRO-PAK® solutions have a positive impact on transportation, fuel, utility and labor expenses. By compacting and/or baling trash, our customers require less fuel and labor to remove waste. In addition, labor is reduced or redirected to more productive, profitable assignments.
  • Maximized Space — We realize that rig and deck space is limited, and that’s why ENVIRO-PAK® compactors and balers are designed to occupy the minimum amount of space while producing the maximum compaction rate. The resulting increased space on oil rigs, platforms and vessels can then be used for profit-generating activities.
  • Cleaner Environment — Compacting and baling waste promotes a healthier environment. ENVIRO-PAK® is dedicated to helping offshore drilling rigs, offshore production platforms and marine vessels in the fight against pollution.